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More and more North Americans are discovering their dollars go farther “South of the border.” Luxuries that only the financial elite find affordable in North America are available here. On our fact-filled tours you will learn all of the “insider secrets” of living in Costa Rica.

Located only two hours by air from Florida, Costa Rica has been called the “Little Switzerland of America.” Year-round springlike weather; friendly people; a democratic government; a low cost of living; inexpensive medical care; excellent transportation and communication systems; affordable housing; a wealth of opportunities which allow foreigners to start a business on a shoestring; high-interest investments paying 20% or more annually; tax savings for foreign residents (make up to $70,000 a year tax free); plus a government that makes relocating as easy as possible–all combine to make Costa Rica tops on the list of expatriate havens. More North Americans live in Costa Rica per capita than any other country outside of the U.S.!

Our exploratory tours are designed to introduce people of all ages, including retirees, baby boomers, investors and entrepreneurs to the exciting opportunities that await them abroad. We remain committed to individual and high quality service–offering unbiased information about the countries we visit. We have NO hidden agendas. We receive NO commissions or advertising kickbacks and offer NO real estate for sale. This allows us to remain 100% committed to your retirement, relocation and investment goals.

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