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Christopher Howard, Relocation Investment and Retirement Consultant

Helping newcomers find success and happiness in Costa Rica for over 20 years. We offer absolutely the best network of expert contacts in Costa Rica and insider information.

  • To find the best property homes or business. Earn 20% or more yearly in appreciation.
  • Affordable cosmetic surgery.
  • How to really make money in Costa Rica and high yielding investments up to 13% annually.
  • Email us to find out about global offshore blue chip mutual funds
  • Retirement, living and investing tours
  • Moving household goods
  • Sure-fire safe business ideas, advice and contacts
  • How to find a good lawyer
  • Immigration matters and residency
  • Tailor-made bilingual tours
  • Asset protection
  • How to keep busy and happy
  • Where to make friends
  • Opening a bank account and safety deposit box
  • Internet hook-up
  • The quickest ways to learn Spanish
  • Private mail service to the U.S.
  • Buying and insuring a car
  • Insurance
  • Private Pre K-12 schools
  • Construction
  • Plus all of the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of living in Costa Rica and so much more

The cost of a 30 days of internet and or phone consultations (your dime) is $799. Upon payment I’ll do all of the research for your particular needs and answer all of your questions related to your retirement or business concerns. If you desire an in person consultation in Costa Rica my fees are $299 daily for the first person and an additional $100 for each additional person.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Save yourself a lot of HEADACHES and MONEY by contacting us today: E- Mail Us or call us Toll Free at 800-365-2342.  Be sure to ask about our daily rates, one day free weekly packages, group discounts, informative seminars and special retainers.