Affordable Living with a Vibrant Lifestyle

Costa Rica’s friendly three million people, or Ticos as they affectionately call themselves, invite you to come and experience their tranquil country, with its long and beautiful coastlines, alluring waters of the Caribbean and the Pacific, pristine beaches and some of the most picturesque surroundings you have ever laid your eyes on.

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Confronted with the spiraling cost of living in the United States and Canada, people from all walks of life and all ages—including baby boomers and seniors—are searching for an affordable place to live or retire without sacrificing their current lifestyles. Costa Rica, Central America, one of Latin America’s best-kept secrets, just might be the country many of these people are seeking.

Despite having one of the highest standards of living in Latin America, you will have more purchasing power when it comes to medical care, transportation, utilities, entertainment, rentals, fresh fruits and vegetables most real estate and more. The country is affordable when compared to most places in the world.

In most areas housing costs less than what it does in the U. S. and hired help is a steal. Utilities—telephone service, electricity, and water— are cheaper than in North America. You never need to heat your home or apartment because of Costa Rica’s warm climate. You need not cook with gas, since most stoves are electric. These services cost about 30% of what they do at home. Bills for heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer can cost hundreds of dollars in the States. For those watching their fixed income, retirement dollars, this is an important consideration.

Medical care is very inexpensive and excellent. Moving to Costa Rica just may increase your lifespan. Just look at these statistics. The infant mortality rate of less than 11 in 100,000 live births is lower than that in the United States. This figure is on par with any industrialized country in the world. Life expectancy is 76.3 years for men and 79.8 years for women. Today, an 80-year-old man has a life expectancy of at least eight (actually, 8.4) years.  This puts Costa Rica in first place in the world for life expectancy from this age up.  Iceland and Japan follow with 7.7 years. Costa Rican women at age 80 are expected to live longer than men of the same age, 9.5 years, slightly behind the women of Japan and France.

A recent study by the Miami Herald rated Costa Rica the 27th safest country for investment of 140 countries surveyed. If you are not impressed by Costa Rica’s ranking, consider that the U.S. was ranked only 22nd! Another recent study found Costa Rica to be the least corrupt country in Latin America. Just do your homework, and invest with confidence.

In addition, U.S. business magazine, Fortune ranked San José Latin America’s fifth best city to do business and placed it within the 25 best cities in the world. According to the report, Fortune considered the city’s ability to create opportunity for its residents, its business climate and how well it can satisfy the business needs of companies that invest there. San José ranked tops in the quality of its labor force, its business environment and the lifestyle it offers resident executives and investors. Affordable real estate can still be found in some areas. Please read our recommendations for a new retirement real estate book, that explain all you need to know to select and safeguard yourself in purchasing Costa Rican property. More information about Costa Rica and retirement real estate.